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As Ron Bell put together songs for his nightclub show in 1975 he included the smash hit Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. This song was a lot different than the other songs of the day such as the ones by Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, or even the Eagles.

Ron played Margaritaville and the others for many years. Just a decade earlier, Ron had sung and played all the hits of that era including those by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and many more. Soon, Ron’s band Big Foot was opening shows for the Moody Blues, Frank Zappa, and the Grateful Dead, just to name a few.

For those musicians who made a living playing and singing, the word “Disco” changed everything in the late 70’s. Most of the clubs they worked in became Discos and the only live music to play back then was Country Western.

So playing bass guitar, Ron joined those doing Country, playing five nights a week and loving it!  By 1986 Ron had become a solo performer playing guitar in small restaurants and bars for about the next ten years. At one of his first solo gigs, a lady requested Come Monday by Jimmy Buffett. Ron did not know that one, but played Margaritaville for her. (Eventually he did learn Come Monday.)

Ron began playing keyboard in 1996 along with bass and guitar. He played in San Diego at clubs by the fishing docks around Point Loma. While playing there, a group of fishermen would come in who always wanted Buffett, Buffett, and more Buffett! So, Ron learned all the Buffett that he could get his hands on.

In 2005, after recording a CD with the band Crosswinds, he was introduced to veteran Trop Rock artist, Gary Seiler. That meeting renewed his interest in the Trop Rock style which is almost exclusively the music that Ron plays, sings and writes today.

The future looks great with many opportunities ahead. And yes, Ron continues to play Margaritaville every night.

Ron has recorded three solo CDs plus a live CD with Gary’s band, Buffed Out.

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